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Return on Investment Calculator

Injuries account for increased lost and modified work days, insurance premiums, and overtime costs.  They can also affect operational efficiency, recruiting, and retention. Stryker Power-PRO technology helps reduce injuries, resulting in a lower net cost to own and operate a Power-PRO cot when compared to other cots.

Use the calculator to see the potential savings you can expect when Power-PRO is on the job!

ROI Calculator 3 Years Prior 2 Years Prior Last Year Baseline Data

Worker's Compensation Payout
Stretcher-Related Workers' Compensation Payout
Stretcher-Related Payout Percentage

Total Number of Claims
Total Stretcher-Related Claims
Percentage of Stretcher-Related Claims

Total Lost Workdays
Total Stretcher-Related Lost Days
Percentage of Stretcher-Related Lost Days

Total Modified Workdays
Total Stretcher-Related Modified Days
Percentage of Stretcher-Related Modified Days

Total Number of Career-Ending Injuries
Average Cost / Stretcher-Related Injury
Stretcher-Related Injury Savings
(After Implementation of the Guarantee)
Savings in Exposure
Potential Overtime Savings

(Does not include savings due to lost and modified workday, employee loss, or exact workers' compensation savings)

All data taken from the Official Disability Guidelines, Work Loss Data Institute, 10th Edition 2005. (Official Disability Guidelines, 2055, 10th Edition. Copyright 2004 by Work Loss Data Institute, Encinitas, CA.)

  1. Indemnity costs are based on a 7-day benchmark totaling $3,775 and taken as an average of 617,186 cases (ODG 2004, pg. 211).
  2. Medical costs related to sprains and strains of shoulder/back were taken from an average of 17,856 cases (ODG 2004, pg. 211).
  3. Benchmark identity costs for intervertebral disk disorders taken from an average of 163 cases (ODG, 2004, pg. 143).
  4. Medical costs related to severe intervertebral disk disorders (spine/back) were taken from an average of 368,256 (ODG 2004, pg. 143).

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